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Even Bigger earthquake hits Cushing, OK

UPDATE POSTED 11/8/2016:  And poof, the post earthquake gains in natural gas have now evaporated.  UNG, the largest natural gas ETF, will open this morning under its prior week lows giving back all the gains from yesterday.  Obviously, the market doesn't care about the obvious relationship between activities associated with fracking and seismic activities throughout the Red River region.  

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit Cushing, OK this morning, the juncture for a major oil and gas pipeline.  It got a few people's attention but the story has...Read more

CBS Marketwatch Story: "How the 'almighty' dollar will tell you where stocks are going next"

Image of the USD chart showing a parabolic rise

Should it bother us that the adjective "almighty" is used to describe the US dollar.  In America, is the dollar really more almighty than the actual Almighty?  

Here is an article just posted by the "omniscient" financial media explaining just how almighty the almighty dollar (USD) really is... 


In some respects, I couldn't agree more with...Read more

CNBC Story: This is the Worst Week for Stocks Historically Speaking


According to a CNBC report, LPL Financial analyst Ryan Detrick has spent a remarkable amount of time and effort to figure out that the 38th week of the calendar year is the worst for stocks - historically speaking that is.  Of course, the uber-bullish folks at CNBC promptly figured out a way to discredit Mr. Detrick. ...Read more

However, there will be no poor among you...

However, there will be no poor among you, since the LORD will surely bless you in the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance to possess, if only you listen obediently to the voice of the LORD your God, to observe carefully all this commandment which I am commanding you today

Deuteronomy 15: 4-5

As I read through the Old Testament, I am reminded of just how many of our laws have some basis in the Torah (Jewish Law provided by God).  For example, there must be two witnesses to charge anyone with a...Read more

USD: Critical support broken

Yesterday, the USD broke down and closed below the March "Flash Crash" low.  This officially signals a change in trend in the USD.  It now has experienced a lower high and a lower low.  It could bounce off this strong area of support and rally for a bit but in time, I expect the USD to move far lower.  And I believe the the US$ (actual currency) will decline more against emerging currencies and hard assets than the USD (US dollar index which is primarily comprised of European currencies and Yen).  

Our investment thesis is simply that nothing detrimental to the US equity markets...Read more

"The Investing Golden Age May be Over" - Robert Shiller

Back in February, Robert Shiller, famed author of Irrational Exuberance was interviewed on Yahoo!Finance where he made the earthshattering claim:  “The investing golden age may be over”. He starts the interview by saying, “a lot of people are holding on to old facts, old presumptions.  For example, the stock market yields 10% a year but its really expensive right now.” 

After making these claims, which I largely agree with, the...Read more

Fracking, earthquakes and the outlook for natural gas

I came across two disturbing stories this morning on Bloomberg on how the link between fracking and earthquake activity is now undeniable.  Finally, the scientific community is acknowledging what so many outside the scientific community have known for quite some time - fracking is causing the earth to destabilize resulting in earthquakes.  As Hilary sez, "The science is clear" but apparently not.  For quite some time, the "science" had denied the causal relationship but now when the evidence is too overwhelming to deny, they are finally coming around.  Here are the links to the two stories...Read more

Bill Gross' "Trade of a Lifetime"

Bill Gross has made a call to short the German Bund and in doing so has called up memories of the greatest trade of all-time - Soros' Breaking the Bank of England.  I largely agree with Gross' fundamental outlook on the Bund.  But what really impresses me about Gross is his gutsy call.  Great trades take enourmous amounts of courage because it means betting against the world.  Where does that courage come from?  Years ago, I wrote a white paper called, "The Virtues of a Great Money Manager" which explains why great trades are courageous.  The paper discusses trades by Soros (Breaking the...Read more

12th Anniversary of the Iraq War

It was 12 years ago last week the US sent troops to fight in Iraq.  What do we know now about the war that we didn’t know then?

  • It will ultimately cost many multiples of the $50B that was originally estimated.  Currently, the tab is $1T and that is according to government funny math.
  • Untold innocent people have lost their lives.
  • The goodwill the US had built up after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 has now reversed course as the sentiment of many foreigners has become antagonist towards the US.
  • No one, not even the most ardent opponents of the War
  • ...Read more