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Is Oklahoma really OK?

OK Triangle

Finally, someone is starting to pay attention to what is becoming all too obvious...the ground in Oklahoma is becoming increasingly unstable.  And the culprit, which we have all known but many have been in denial about, is a byproduct of fracking.  This morning, CNBC actually posted an insightful story on the subject, which you can read by clicking this link:


The...Read more

Election: Who got it right?

Jim Rogers, famed investor

Not many people, including myself, expected the upset last night.  One guy did.  And he seems to always get these things right some how.  I have followed several elections in both the US and Europe and everytime he takes the opposite view of the polls, he seems to get it right.  I googled him two days ago to get his take and sure enough, he called for a Trump victory.  

The guy is Jim Rogers, famed investor, financial author, world traveler and father of 2.  

Here is a link to an article appearing in The Economic Times where they interview Rogers a day before the...Read more

Trump wins, fearmongers lose

Cliinton and Pence Victory

We all know Wall Street desperately wanted Hillary to be President and tried using scare tactics saying the market would plunge 10+% in the event of a Trump victory.  And futures are down, but no where near the 10% they promised.  The thinly veiled scare tactics Wall Street deploys are now all too transparent.  Of course, we saw the same shenanigans prior to the BREXIT vote where "all hell would break loose" if England exited the Euro.  And within 4 trading days, the market was back to even.  

Will the stock market go down 10+% at some point?  I believe so but I believed that even...Read more

Maybe it's the Black Sabbath, not Swan, we should be looking towards

Long before Black Sabbath was a well known heavy metal band, it was established as a terribly dark day in the Jewish faith.  Both Temples were destroyed on the Black Sabbath.  And according to various sources, the Jewish people were expelled from England, France and Spain on the same day (different years but on the same day of the year).  

The day is the 9th of Av and typically takes place in July or August of the Gregorian Calendar.  It is referred to in the Jewish faith as Tisha B'Av.   It is a day that marks tragedy and mourning along with a shift in the balance of power.   ...Read more

Canary in the coal mine? PIMCO High Income Fund (PHK) is tanking

We're seeing PHK (PIMCO High Income fund), a closed-end fund trading at a ridiculous premium, is falling hard yesterday and today.  We watch this security as we have a little long/short play being short PHK and long JNK in hopes that PHK returns to NAV (although we did close out JNK this week so now we're just short).  The steep decline in PHK may be a canary in the coal mine as CEFs trading...Read more

Dollar forms bullish "Golden Cross" - here's how NOT to trade it

CNBC headline story of the day..."Dollar forms bullish 'golden cross' - here's how to trade it"

The article explains how whenever a 50 day moving average of an index's price crosses over the 200 day moving average, it's a signal the index is going to move further in the direction of the cross.  On this chart, we have the 50 day crossing over the 200 day three times prior to yesterday's cross over.  And how did this "can't miss" signal do?  Well, it's 0 for 3.  Last October,...Read more

The end of an era: Driverless Trucks will soon be the norm...

News today via CNBC that AB has made the first driverless truck delivery.   I've read about this inevitable development for quite some time.  I remember in school, an owner of a local trucking company spoke to our management class and the number one issue he said he delt with was interpersonal issues with the drivers.  It stuck...Read more

CBS Marketwatch Story: "How the 'almighty' dollar will tell you where stocks are going next"

Image of the USD chart showing a parabolic rise

Should it bother us that the adjective "almighty" is used to describe the US dollar.  In America, is the dollar really more almighty than the actual Almighty?  

Here is an article just posted by the "omniscient" financial media explaining just how almighty the almighty dollar (USD) really is... 


In some respects, I couldn't agree more with...Read more

CNBC Story: This is the Worst Week for Stocks Historically Speaking


According to a CNBC report, LPL Financial analyst Ryan Detrick has spent a remarkable amount of time and effort to figure out that the 38th week of the calendar year is the worst for stocks - historically speaking that is.  Of course, the uber-bullish folks at CNBC promptly figured out a way to discredit Mr. Detrick. ...Read more

How to prevent another Wells Fargo type scandal


Two words:  Glass-Steagall.  

I admit it, I am an unabashed Glass-Steagall apologist.  I think it would go a long way to solving a great number of our nation's problems, especially the financial ones.  Consider its success.  During the enforcement of Glass-Steagall, our nation operated sans banking crisis for nearly 70 years.  Outside of the Savings and Loan crisis which proved to have a minimal macro impact, there was not a single banking-centric recession in nearly two generations.  

Of course, Glass-Steagall is repealed in December of 1999 and BAM, stock market declines...Read more