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Even Bigger earthquake hits Cushing, OK

UPDATE POSTED 11/8/2016:  And poof, the post earthquake gains in natural gas have now evaporated.  UNG, the largest natural gas ETF, will open this morning under its prior week lows giving back all the gains from yesterday.  Obviously, the market doesn't care about the obvious relationship between activities associated with fracking and seismic activities throughout the Red River region.  

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit Cushing, OK this morning, the juncture for a major oil and gas pipeline.  It got a few people's attention but the story has been morphed by the news the FBI is essentially dropping its probe of HIllary (and Dow futures are up 240 points).   The last major earthquake in Oklahoma saw gas prices actually decline but this one resulted in a sizeable spike for gas prices but nothing out of the ordinary.  The market is still not convinced that gas drilling in this area is resulting in seismic activity despite numerous reports supporting the correlation.  

The seismic activity in this area and near my hometown of Dallas, TX truly frightens me.  I am not sure if many others have taken notice.  I have no idea how buildings in larger cities like DFW or Oklahoma City or Tulsa are built to withstand a larger and more direct earthquake hit.  If you want to keep track of the activity in your area, here is a good site for doing so:


Here are the specific sites for Oklahoma and Texas: