Our Market Anomaly Program (The MAP)

Our MAP Strategy, implemented as an SMA, is a style-agnostic, absolute return strategy that seeks low-risk opportunities by utilizing our proprietary algorithm.  The strategy's objective is to generate profits for our clients regardless of what the stock market or interest rates are doing.   Our multi-strat approach is unrestrained and can go anywhere, anytime to find securities at attractive prices.    In addition, we have considerable exposure to inflation themes thus hedging increases in your cost of living.  

When implementing our strategy, we abide by 4 steadfast rules that dictate everything we do in our clients' accounts:

  • Rule #1:  Don't Lose Money:  We have stop-loss exits on every single position.
  • Rule #2:  Buy Low:  Our algorithm specializes in identifying moments of capitulation.
  • Rule #3:  Sell High:  Our model excels at taking profits so we can readily compound gains for you.  
  • Rule #4:  To quote Jim Rogers, "When there is a pile of money sitting in the corner, go pick it up."

You can read more about our approach on our Investment Philosophy page.  Ultimately, the results speak for themselves.  Below are performance specifics for our strategy.  We measure our success by the three "P's":  Protect, Participate and Perform.  We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our strategy with you and see how it may fit into your portfolio.  You can fill out the Contact Us form below or call our office at 512 | 553-5151.   

MAP Performance

Our primary objective is simple: deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our clients. While most advisory firms merely seek to merely participate in capital markets, we strive to provide value in addition to participation. We don't understand the propensity of firms that make no attempt to manage risk and search for excess returns for their clients. To date, we have accomplished our objective by delivering risk-adjusted returns far in excess of our benchmarks. Here are the salient performance statistics that support our performance.


The following is additional information on our MAP strategy:

  • Our strategy is implemented in a separately managed account, owned and controlled by our clients.  
  • There is no lock-up period or penalty of any kind for terminating our strategy.  
  • Our universe of securities includes over 100 names, the majority of which are components of the S&P 500.  In addition, we have numerous alternative securities and international names for the purpose of diversification.  
  • Typically, we only have exposure at any given time to a handful of names in our security universe.  Our average exposure is between 10 to 15 positions.  Our market exposure will vary significantly. 
  • Our strategy is nearly 100% mechanical with very little subjectively factoring into trading decisions.
  • We have a target percentage loss for every position in our clients' accounts so that no single position is going to sink our strategy.     
  • Our system takes a proactive approach to taking profits.   We use a methodology for creating trailing stops which means we are consistently compounding gains for our clients' benefit.  
  • We serve all our clients as a fee-only fiduciary, so, the better you do, the better we do.   

Market Anomaly Program Separately Managed Account

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how our MAP absolute return strategy can serve as way to diversify your investment portfolio in addition to hedging inflation and higher interest rates.

We are a fee-only investment adviser serving all our clients as a fiduciary. The better you do, the better we do.

To talk to one of our analysts, fill out the form and we’ll contact you at our earliest availability or you can call our office directly at 830 | 460 2050